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I love pictures!!some are funny some are sad,some bring back old memories,I really love those black and white pictures of 90’s era,but sometimes people click pictures unknowingly and realise those are the best pictures ever!!

Here is a list of random perfectly times pictures!!

1)Obama The Mighty Wizard.

2) Angry Bird Attack.

3) A nice Head pat.

4)The plane got caught!!

6) Now it seems complete

7) Hey, I found a mermaid.

8) Lets shift the eiffel tower.

9) I am sleepy.

10) Vroooommmmm!!

11) Cloudy and sunny!!

12) what?

13) He had a nice Take off.

14) Look again

15) Just hang in there Son!!

16) Whoa!!

17) They are always sleepy.

18) Someone’s powerful!!

19) Hilarious!!

20) Insane!!


22)Coolest one!!

Image result for perfectly timed pictures

23)oh no!!

Image result for perfectly timed pictures

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