Why did Nathuram Godse kill Gandhi?


What hit me hard is that man’s background

He was considered God like being by most Hindus

Nathuram Godse is seen as a murderer but when you know why he did that,and why he choose to end Gandhi’s life was clearly thinkable

Because of Gandhi there had been the deadly partition he had every power in his hand to oppose the Partition, but he did nothing

Godse has said that he respected Gandhi and his Quit INdia movement,non cooperation movement and how Gandhi stopped most blodshed

But what struck in Godse’s mind was of Delhi at the time of partition

Delhi became very weak,people were hungry,begging for food,people licked and ate the food which was thrown on ground intended for dogs

India lost three major cities like Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad and most heritage of harrapan culture

India was ripped of its hand and was bleeding in 1947

India was at an edge of downfall which could be toppled of easily if there was no further unity

All the newspapers at that time showed that Gandhi and Nehru have done everything and we’re biased and influenced by the political leaders

If you peek into history on August 15,1947 independence day Gandhi was not present in Delhi’s red fort but he was travelling to west Bengal to stop the ongoing riots

Godse soon didn’t like Gandhi’s peace movement he was bewildered and angry by seeing the blodshed of Hindu and Muslim at the border of India and Pakistan nearly millions died in that incident but Gandhi didn’t take action and remained calm

Godse soon feared if Gandhi would be ruling the country further Britishers would come back again and annexe the country again ,there would be famine,povertyriots and blodshed everywhere if Gandhi’s peace fight without weapons is not stopped the government would be a failure and the country would be doomed

So Godse had made up his mind to kill Gandhi’s ignorance and Gandhi himself

After shooting Gandhi,Godse didn’t run away because he knew he had did something wrong and he was ready to be punished for his act

  • Even a few years back there was a temple built on his name(Nathuram Godse Temple) somewhere in East India and people opposed the construction as he killed the father of the Nation “GANDHI”
  • If you ever think of Godse’s thoughts, he was a humble and well oriented loyal man who did everything to save the people and fight for his country and showed extreme patriotism
  • He was angry because Gandhi was not able to control his own countrymen and blodshed and he was praised by the Britishers and Indians intensely
  • At the end Godse was considered the black mark of Indian history and was reduced to nothing else but Ashes by the Congress government
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