What is something that needs to be said?


1.Indian rivers,they are getting polluted day by day,there is a lack of availability of water these days,rivers which have flowed for Hundreds or maybe thousands of years are becoming dry,some have even stopped flowing,people in the rural areas walk 20–30 kilometres for a bucket of water in the hot sun!!

2.Don’t bargain with a Vegetable vendor,the only salary they get is what you buy from them,they do not work in a supermarket where they get paid monthly

3.Alchohol,Cigarettes and drug addiction are the main problems targeting the youth,movies make them look even cooler,when you see a teenager smoking,you see a family being destroyed,so instead do something to stop it,maybe talk them out of it

4.Respect women,they are not those pornstars you see on pornhub being abused and beaten up in exchange for money

5.You should have enough courage and strength to defend yourself or your family during hard times,when someone misbehaves with your girlfriend or mother what would you do? ignore?no indeed, then hit the gym!!

6.Don’t get pushed into a rat race of IIT/Aiims,if you don’t feel like you can’t ace it or you have interests in fields like Architecture,design,management,commerce,research etc you always have ways,you just need to convince your parents or you have to waste another 4–10 years of your short-life

7.Don’t work for money,it will come and go,work for excellence,stop spending money on expensive things and luxury,instead invest on experiences

8.Life is short,don’t play blame games,stay in a toxic relationship or give excuses,life is what you dictate it to be!!

9.Instead of cursing or feeling sad about what India lacks,do something about it,help someone,volunteer,donate do as much as you can,be the change maker,don’t blame the government for everything!!

10.Stop wasting time on social media,learn something,Internet is more than facebook and whatsapp!! so many developers for years and years together have contributed to making the Internet available to you on your phone you are holding in your hand,or typing on your computer!!

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