What is maturity and how can a mature person be defined?


MATURITY is when you give respect to waiter,watchmen,vegetable sellers Respect

MATURITY is when you don’t care if you get insulted by your teacher or boss for a petty reason and feeling sad about it all day long!!

MATURITY is when you drink fruit juices instead of Soft drink such as coke,pepsiPepsi

MATURITY is when you give respect to Non science streams such as Arts,fashion, etc

MATURITY is when you ditch what drains your energy and follow your passions

MATURITY is when you realise that you know very little and starting to learn new things

MATURITY is giving money to beggars who are old or having physical deformities than giving to “ all-working”kind beggars

MATURITY is when you don’t care about society or what you relative says about you

MATURITY is avoiding gossips or being involved in them

MATURITY is when you don’t participate in a rat race but participate in a race to live upto your dreams

MATURITY is when you don’t care what people say about you

MATURITY is when you don’t get jealous or compare your selves with others

MATURITY is donating blood and saving lives

MATURITY is not living upto people’s expectations

MATURITY is breaking the line

MATURITY is giving seat to old people which is reserved for Ladies

MATURITY is speaking up for your self

MATURITY is moving your ass and getting things done

MATURITY is realising that we live in immortal body

MATURITY is when you realise upvotes do not matter,making the best answer does

MATURITY is choosing not to upvote an answer,which you found stupid but is upvoted by many

MATURITY is realising what you are doing

MATURITY is to make a decision between Whatsapp,Facebook ,Instagram,snapchat with Quora, reddit, pininterst,ted

MATURITY is realising you are sometimes wrong and not everybody is right

MATURITY is not tolerating stupid people

MATURITY is taking the driver’s seat of your life.

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