What is like to go to movies all alone?


I went to Conjuring-2 which i regret till now!!

Conjuring Part-2(2016)

If you haven’t seen it watch the trailer so that you can understand my answer better

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I love Horror movies very much and I would sometimes watch them late at night without hesitation(I’m a brave fearless boy)

Yes,I’ve been to movies alone before but only a few times(at that point of time 2016)

My first horror movie in a theatre

I have seen Annabelle,Conjuring Part-1 on TV&Internet but not on big screen, I had an instant urge and I rushed to get a ticket and I got a night show!!

Night show!!

A horror movie!!

Please bear with me..!!

So it was all going good I sat there alone in the dark and was expecting people to com-in but there was no one,I panicked and after 10min some people started to enter the hall(I calmed down)

I was solo sitting in the front seats no one to my side all were at last (Lets face it this thing took the hell out of me!!)

(Sorry I remember the movie in parts,they may not be side by side scenes)

The talk in the first was all cool

About a man and enquiry about Ghosts and that the girl had some problem

Nothing really did happen when I saw the cross symbol turned upside down

And then the man(from right dark corner)comes from the left and suddenly tries to grab her (My heart skipped a beat)

Then the real part began (I saw it bravely) until I saw the devil on the photo (WTF get out of there!!)

And then in real(OMG!!)

And the woman enters the room,the Ghost appears on the mirror(behind her) which scared the shit out of me!! I was scared like hell!! I wanted to get out of the theatre the next second but I told my self calm down and hang on your brave!!

Can you believe this she thinks she is facing a wax statue!!

And then

Oh f**k Run now now!!!!!!

The sound effects could make your heart stop and definately I would assure you that a heart patient would die in the beginning of the first scene(RIP)

(And why in the hell does that lady after seeing the ghost without getting out of the house enters the dark room!!)

And then when the Lady’s husband enters the house I fear for his life and I can’t sit on my seat anymore I am becoming restless

All shit*t happens here

I don’t want to post the Ghost picture now(It’s kind of scary)

And when he enters the room the lady chants some Bible words

“If you can name the ghost you will get power over it”

I was restless in my seat WTF!!

The sound effects were pricking my ears

As soon as the movie ended i rushed out of the theatre and got to my house it’s was late at night

Shi*t I could not sleep!!

I know the movie ain’t too scary after all there are ones scarier than this movie but I had a unique experience!!

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