What are the dark sides of living in South Korea


Dark side huh?pretty much

Did you know?

To get a high paying job in Korea you need to look beautiful

“The beautiful you are the,the better chances of your job acceptance!!”

So when you visit korea and spend time in Seoul don’t be surprised to find these

And a job is important which is pretty much competitive and you need to look “Beautiful” ironically

“Welcome to the plastic surgery culture

And no need to mention about the side effects of a plastic surgery!!

And medical(mainly surgery)Industry is the biggest contributor in South Korea’s GDP

Doing schooling and college in S. Korea is not a piece of cake

The country’s 15-year-olds have the highest reading scores among developed countries, they rank third in proficiency in science and mathematics, and more than 80 percent of them will go to college. The glowing statistics, however, has a dark side: Korea’s youth has one of the highest suicide rates.

South korea ranks 3rd for the Best education system in the world which produces toppers( or maybe Robots)

You are pressurised to study day and night,sitting in the classroom for hours,playing games is rarely seen which is very uncommon,you need to run rat race and score the best,or your job is hanged,dont talk about future

“At one point of time every South korean should have thought about commiting suicide atleast once as a student” which i can assure you

Every nation has its own flaws..and

S.korea is trying its best to solve these problems

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