What are some unknown stories about Donald trump?


President Donald Trump the 45th president of United states of America who has caused ripples around the world due to his Muslim ban(or an executive order to ban Islamic terrorists)

Here are the insights on Donald trump and how he was born a millionare

It all started a century ago,

Donald’s grandfather Frederick Trump was the first Trump to own a hotel 1895


The discovery of Gold in Yukon in 1896 which led to migration of 100,000 people in search of gold to Klondike region between 1897 and 1899 resulted in a massive stampede

Friedrick owned a restaurant which served Gold miners ,when he passed away he left his wealth to his heir which was just under $500,000 in today money

His eldest son Fred Trump carried on the Trump legacy he pinned into Real-estate business,he became a successful Man building single family houses in Queens in 1920’s.

Fred helped pioneer the concept of supermarket in 1930’s during the great depression.He even built Barracks for the Navy during World war-2 in 1940’s.But Fred’s real luck in cash came in 1949 when he got a government loan to build Shore Haven apartments in Brooklyn for which the federal housing administration paid him $10.3M.But he was able to build the apartment’s for significantly less($9.3M),which made him huge profits but the government kept on paying him and Fred kept building apartments in Queens and Brooklyn.

By that time of Fred died his net assets were worth $300M

According to Donald his father was one of the biggest landlords in Newyork’s outer boroughs

Donald was born in Queens in 1946 who in turn inherited his father’s heir


Donald J.Trump became “A BORN MILLIONARE

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