What are some mind-blowing facts?

  • Did you ever wonder how do Set top box Tv recievers(dish) distinguished in recieving various signals from their respective companies?And what keeps them from recieving mixed signals?

Did’nt get it?

  • This lights up the case on dish alignment:

There is a specific angle for every company!!

  • Angle Direction for Tata Sky Dish

The antenna should be facing 148 degree South East (Direction),

{48 Degree (elevation)}

Antenna angle. If you get 60% signal strength by this method, this is sufficient to receive the signals but mostly tuning will be done at 80% by the Tatasky Technician.

  • Videocon d2h it is elevation of……..61.6,azimuth …….. 140.6°
    {elevation of 61.6 °}
  • The Airtel DTH dish direction will be almost due south anywhere in India.
  • Its {48degree} elevation mostly
  • To get Indian TV channels in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Muscat, Doha, and other GCC Middle East countries, the best direction for the balcony and dish to get Indian Satellite TV channels like Dish-TV, SunTV or Airtel-TV in is to have a balcony facing towards the East slightly oriented to the South
  • In India, the Airtel Digital TV satellite will be towards the South Western side and DishTV satellite direction will be to the South Eastern side. If the balcony is facing South, then you should be able to get one of the Indian DTH channels, either DishTV or Airtel TV or TataSky or SunTV.
  • For sundirect
    Dish Setup (at Chennai)
  • {Elevation: 68.3°}
  • Azimuth : 133.8°
  • For dish tv
  • {Elevation: 39.7°}
  • Azimuth (true): 205.1
  • The two popular satellites which recieve dish signals are Insat and measat

Did you notice the elevation varied in each dish??

So next time you can also give some advice to your neighbours on dish alignment methods

Edit1:I cannot guarantee everything is exactly true as your dish,location and environment might effect alignments



the direction of a celestial object from the observer

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