What are some joys which come really cheap?

  • Throwing biscuits to a pack of stray dogs
  • hearing bird’s chirp in morning’s in cities of pollution and traffic
  • completing a big fat novel
  • hanging out with your besties
  • bathing with cold water in the early morning hours( you will laugh without knowing the reason try it)
  • playing your favourite music on your musical instrument
  • not giving a shit about what everybody thinks of you
  • playing with a 2year old kid
  • talking to an old friend
  • talking to old people about their life
  • giving your old clothes or giving food to the poor
  • taking a walk in park
  • donating blood
  • adopting a pet
  • travelling to your grandparents home
  • watching a good movie (with top imdb ratings)
  • making funny faces in the mirror
  • beating someone in a video game
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