What are some interesting life hacks?


1.Paining legs and feeling stressed

1.Take a big bowl(size of your foot)

2.Pour water in it

3.Dip your feet

After some time

Voila!!You have a feeling of relief

2.Reducing pimples

put toothpaste on big ones and leave it overnight

They may not be entirely gone but you will be surprised

3.Removing Dandruff

Mix shampoo and water in your mug so that and wash it on your head so that shampoo reaches the roots of your hair

Cold water can help remove dandruff

(but not entirely)

4.Keeping a secret

Never tell it to a girl

(psycologists say a girl can keep a secret for a maximum of 2 days)

Never tell them to your friend because they have their trusted ones and chain continues

5.Self defence

A key chain can be a your potential weapon

When you leave parking your vehicle

put the inserting side of key between your fingers

So,something happens BANG!!!

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