What are some best life tips?

  • Be the best,fuck the rest
  • Live your life as you want to avoid regret later
  • Listen to arguments,they reveal the deepest secrets and opinions
  • Learn when to be silent and when to take down
  • If someone is discouraging you either take it as constructive criticism or shut them of from your life or you’ll end up as a discouraged soul
  • Fight for your dreams,orelse who will?
  • You don’t have to change everything,you need to accept something’s sometimes,go with the flow or you’ll become a prey to negativity and depression
  • One bad chapter of your life doesn’t mean the end
  • Speak the truth,you’ll save memory and energy you don’t have to lie, remember things and cover it up
  • Take a different path,you don’t need to take part in a rat race
  • Everyone has a sad story buried in their hearts but they cover-up with a simple smile never take anybody easy,or play with their feelings you never know what they are going through
  • Keep low-key,don’t shout in a Mike over social media “travelling to hometown” for no reason 99% of people don’t give a shit
  • Unfriend negative people,get your ass up and walk out and travel to different places and meet different people you are not a money making machine
  • Be ready to beat the shit out of a person when time comes,start punching and kicking lessons you never know when you get kidnapped or face a psycho with a gun or face a burglar with a knife
  • Learn to be smart,taking fast decisions and acting towards your goals nobody wants a dumb-shit
  • If you don’t believe in yourself,you don’t give a reason to someone to believe in you?
  • You are in a bubble,break it,you will be exposed to a world unknown to most people “a scary unforgiving world”
  • If your are 35 and you are poor you deserve it
  • Explore and act ,fight for justice,accomplish the unaccomplished
  • You don’t have to be the best brain or score 100% on your marksheet you need to have ton of common sense,intellect and Pounds of courage to open the gates of success
  • You don’t have to brood over upvotes,most top writers don’t give a shit as they have understood that good-content attracts upvotes and mainly hearts
  • Read novels every day,see the difference ditch social media
  • When life kicks you down badly,understand that it doesn’t want you to get up and fight this is how losers are born,if you get up and fight till your breath welcome,this is how successfully people are born
  • Feeling worthless? Worthless than a father who lost his daughter to rape and murder,worthless than a prisoner who didn’t commit the crime but was sentenced to life imprisonment?
  • Take the steering wheel of your life, don’t keep it on Autopilot for too long
  • People will talk behind your back,there are back because of a reason
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